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Curacao is known for its dining and is the “Gastronomic Capital of the Caribbean”. Curacao offers a very wide variety of dining experiences, more so than any other island in the world. Yes, that’s right, in the whole world. Curacao has so many restaurants that no matter how long your stay is, you will never be able to visit them all. With just over 200 restaurants on a tiny island, your taste buds will never know what hit them. You can experience an explosion of different spices from all over the world blended into one dish.

Curaçao’s culinary scene has become seriously cosmopolitan in the past few years. Though you can still find places to get traditional, local dishes like iguana soup, keshi yena (seasoned meat wrapped in cheese and baked), and goat stew, the emerging generation of chefs has really raised the bar. Caribbean meets international with a side of nouvelle cuisine or farm-to-fork organic offerings.

All combine for a cornucopia of tastes and flavors that meet world-class standards. And the range of locations where you can enjoy these creations is as eclectic as the fare. You’ll find romantic toes-in-the-sand surf-side spots, family-friendly air-conditioned emporiums, lush countryside gardens, and unique historic sites like forts and plantation houses all hosting diners. For authentic local-style lunches drop by the Old Market in Punda; or after the nightclubs, seek out one of the late-night snack trucks (truki pan) for cheap, yet satisfying, eats. Many beach bars also have fabulous fare for less than you’d expect to pay. But for the most part, fine dining will cost you what it’s typically worth, especially since almost every kind of food on this island needs to be imported from elsewhere.

Curacao is in FACT the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean for a reason. With over 69 nationalities inhabiting the island, our cuisine is as diverse as our people. Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of Caribbean food, taste the refined palate of French and European sophistication, and experience cuisine fusion like never before. Your heart (and stomach) will fall in love.

There are countless districts that are renown for being cuisine hot spots; Punda and Otrabanda, all chopped-full with its own unique charm and twist on cuisine.