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Dining and Cuisine in St Maarten

Even though St Maarten is a very small country, perhaps the most interesting thing about the food here is that you can sample some the world’s best cuisine, from France, the Netherlands, Italy, India, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Of course, it would be impossible for the restaurants to not offer typical Caribbean food, and since St Maarten is a country on an island, fresh fish and seafood are always on the menu. There are many options to suit all budgets, and restaurants in St Maarten always leave diners satisfied with the quality of food served. Away from the formal restaurants, you could try grabbing a meal at one of the lolos. These venues are local food stalls at roadsides selling delicious barbecued meats and fish, which are served with spicy Caribbean sauces.

For the biggest choice of restaurants in St Maarten St Martin, you should head to Philipsburg. A popular restaurant here serving typical Caribbean food is Chesterfield’s (Great Bay Marina, Philipsburg), which specializes in seafood dishes. Ocean Lounge (43 Front Street, Philipsburg) offers fresh fish and seafood dishes, matched by a great view over the marina.

For French cuisine, the best in town is usually on Grand Case, French St.Martin considered to be the best dining in the Caribbean, which are famous for dishes such as lobster thermidor (lobster cooked with cream and Swiss cheese), or you could try L’Escargot on (96 Front Street, Philipsburg), which provides entertainment by way of a cabaret show on Friday nights.

Maho Beach and Simpson Bay also provide a cluster of restaurants. Big Fish (14 Emerald Merrit Road, Maho Beach) provides fresh seafood dishes cooked with Caribbean flavorings, such as coconut milk and local spices. The Boathouse (74 Airport Road, Simpson Bay) and Pineapple Pete (56 Welfare Rd., Simpson Bay) are seafood restaurants in the Simpson Bay area. Around both Maho and Simpson Bay you will also find Italian, French, and Asian dining options.