Car Rentals on Curacao

Best Caribbean Destination Vacation Road Safety Tips

Do as you would in your hometown, be aware when leaving your rental car unattended with valuables inside.

Lock Your Car

This should be an automatic process: Exit your car, check that you have your keys, lock the doors. The most important thing you can do to prevent thieves from stealing your car and your valuables is to lock the doors every time you get out of your car, even if you plan to get back inside within 30 seconds.

Park Smart

You probably wouldn’t walk down a dark alley all by yourself, so why would you want to park in a dark, deserted area? Park under a light and choose a space where other people can see your car. Thieves don’t like people watching their every move. Do your best to make sure their actions will be noticed.

Keep Valuables and Chargers Out of Sight

The best way to keep your valuables safe is to leave them at home. Of course, you’ll probably want your camera and mobile phone with you on your vacation, so you will need to take steps to protect them every day. If you must leave valuable items in your car, keep them out of sight, either in the glove box or (in most areas) in the trunk. This goes for chargers, mounting devices and other accessories, too. A thief who sees your phone charger will assume the phone is also in your vehicle.

In areas known for smash-and-grab thefts, put your purse and other valuables into your locked trunk before you start driving. Put your cash, credit and debit cards and travel documents into a money belt or passport pouch and wear it properly. Never leave travel money or documents in your wallet or purse when you travel.