Entertainment on Curacao

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Occupying the lower half of the Caribbean, the island of Curacao offers beautiful sandy beaches that feature highly as places to go in the islandy. Some are located on the eastern side, and with the next continental landmass being Africa, heading here at the start of the day to watch the sunrise over the ocean is an awe-inspiring experience. South-facing beaches provide great surf. Inland, there are a few attractions, including a zip lining, fine dining, discovery different beach visit experiences, day trips to nearby islands and there are historical border monument to discover. This little majectic caribbean will surely have you coming back to its shores for a Deja Vu experience.



 Pic Paradis French St.Martin

Loterie Farm is probably the only example on St. Martin of a private nature reserve. At Loterie Farm, we’ve made it our business to protect all 54 hectares of this beautiful countryside set deep in the interior of the island. Housed at Loterie Farm is the old residence of one of the former mayor’s of St. Martin and the former home of L.A. Fleming. Today our purpose and goal are to safeguard the history and environment amidst abundant trees and thousands of different species. To do that, we have opened the property to the public and we invite people to enjoy the natural surroundings and participate in all the different activities we offer which covers everything from hiking our beautiful trails to riding one of our three Zip Line Adventures.



Rainforest Adventures creates unique and memorable experiences that inspire a sustainable use of the environment and an appreciation of the local culture while positively impacting our communities.

Rockland Estate is an eco–adventure park that preserves native eco-systems while ensuring the sustainability of the estate’s physical and intangible attributes. We recognize the ecological, cultural and historical value of the site and see our development as an opportunity to invest in the cultural landscape of St. Maarten in a meaningful way. Our overall goal is to enhance and preserve its natural and built environs along with endorsing its cultural and historical significance while promoting education through adventure. In keeping with Rainforest Adventures’ Environmental Commitment, Rockland Estates’ attractions, viewing platforms and chairlifts are designed to have minimal impact on both the flora and fauna of the park. The entire Rockland Estate covers 436,237 square metres of which the footprint of all proposed infrastructure accounts for only 3.6% of the entire Emilio Wilson Estate property, as it exists today.



Experience an adrenaline filled rush and wild ride on St. Maarten’s newest zipline adventure at Pelican Peak! Guests will gain access to never before seen 360 degree views of the Caribbean and can enjoy easy walking trails and viewing decks on the hillside summit. Riders will also be treated to a historical guided adventure where you can learn more about the stories and characters that shaped the island’s history. Pelican Peak is located just steps from the St. Maarten Cruise Port and fun for all ages! 

Pelican Peak puts a unique twist on the classic zipline by immersing guests in a cultural experience that digs into the rich history of St. Maarten.

Your adventure begins at the base of Pelican Peak, located just steps from the cruise ship terminal. After an initial safety orientation riders will hop into our open air troop carrier and cruise through the lush hillside towards the summit. At the top visitors can explore various walking trails and lookout points to gain unique perspectives of the Caribbean Ocean and neighboring islands. The flightline is positioned over 500 feet above sea level and runs 1800 feet long. Riders will take in the natural beauty of St. Maarten at speeds of 50mph as they soar towards Philipsburg’s Great Bay.