The 37 square miles of pristine coastline, laid back, vibrant culture and the cuisine on both sides, St.Martin/St.Maarten is your ultimate choice for a Caribbean holiday. This small island has a long and diverse history and today boasts a unique island lifestyle that many travelers visit in search of slow relaxing days and occasional wild evenings.

St.Martin is known for its spectacular, white sand beaches, which are arguably some of the most pristine in the whole Caribbean. The water is crystal clear in places and perfect for snorkelers wanting to experience the marine life, with the chance to bump into turtles and rays in the shallows.

The interior is a lush jungle of fine cuisine, with ecotourism and adventure tours beginning to hit it off on St.Maarten, while anyone with an interest in fulfilling their bucket list can surely have their wish fulfilled on St.Maarten.

Things to do in St.Maarten

There are a lot of things to do in St.Maarten, from sunning  (nude) on the beach and snorkeling in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea to zip-lining through the humid canopies of the mountain top or just thru our jungle interior. Here’s the best that St.Maarten/St.Martin has to offer.


This dual nation is found in the Eastern Caribbean and due to its incredible natural harbors, which are still today used by many cruise liners and mega-yachts.

St.Maarten is well connected to Europe, the Americas and the rest of the Caribbean. The Princess Juliana International Airport – named for the then Queen of the Netherlands – is found west of the capital of Philipsburg.

This airport is served by a multitude of airlines arriving from a variety of destinations. There are regular direct flights to U.S cities, South America, North America, Europe, and the Caribbean, along with charter flights in peak season bringing vacation-goers over.

Many travelers will also arrive via cruise ship, as St.Maarten is a very popular stop on the Caribbean circuits. Cruise ships dock in the large, deepwater port in St Maarten.

St Maarten is the transport hub of the rest of the Caribbean island, there are cheap, local buses running from here to most other points, although schedules may not always be accurate, or indeed ever kept to. There are also many taxi drivers looking for passengers throughout the island, but ensure you agree on a price before taking a ride.